About GlusterFS

GlusterFS a software-only, scale-out storage solution that provides flexible and agile unstructured data storage for the enterprise.

GlusterFS provides new opportunities to unify data storage and infrastructure, increase performance, and improve availability and manageability in order to meet a broader set of an organization’s storage challenges and needs.

The product can be installed and managed on-premise, or in a public cloud.

GlusterFS aggregates various storage servers over network interconnects into one large parallel network file system. Based on a stackable user space design, it delivers exceptional performance for diverse workloads and is a key building block of GlusterFS.

The POSIX compatible GlusterFS servers, which use XFS file system format to store data on disks, can be accessed using industry-standard access protocols including Network File System (NFS) and Server Message Block (SMB) (also known as CIFS).

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